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Sustainable Macleod now has its own YouTube Channel, with short workshop-style videos designed to give tried and true gardening and other sustainable information.

Robin Gale-Baker Awarded Victorian Senior of the Year, Healthy and Active Living, 2018

We are delighted and proud to announce that Robin Gale-Baker was awarded Victorian Senior of the Year – Healthy and Active Living – by the Victorian Governor, Linda Dessau. Many thanks to Anne Connell for nominating Robin and to Marsha Merory, Sandra Macneil and Katherine Barling for their supporting references. She won the award “for her leadership in the establishment of Sustainable Macleod, the Macleod Vegie Swap and the Macleod Organic Community Gardens.” You can read the full citation here: Robin Gale-Baker Victorian Senior of the Year, Healthy and Active Living

Macleod Organic Community Garden Offically Open!

After 3 years of construction the Macleod Organic Community Garden was officially opened by Costa Georgiadis (AKA Costa the Garden Gnome), of Gardening Australia. Read more here and view the video!.

Costa Georgiadis Opens Macleod Organic Community Garden

The Macleod Organic Community Garden was established in 2015 with most of the construction taking place during the 2016 year, we have a great site on two disused tennis courts at Macleod College, the garden is an initiative of Sustainable Macleod Inc. You can read more about Sustainable Macleod and other work we do here.

It is gardened communally by members of Sustainable Macleod. We aim to turn it into a hub of community activity, with a space to run workshops alongside productive wicking beds and an orchard of fruit trees. For more information about the Garden, click here.

During daylight saving we are opening the garden Wednesday 1:00 – 4:00 (Unless over 35 Degrees) and Monday evenings 5:30 to 7:00, Saturdays 1:00 to 5:00 again dependent on weather. Extra Activities are run on the 1st Saturday in the month.

In Autumn and Winter we open every Wednesday (weather permitting) from 1:00 – 4:00 and every Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Come and garden or just join us for a cuppa and a chat in a beautiful tranquil setting. Extra Activities are run on the 1st Saturday in the month.

Of course members are welcome to open it at other times, just ask as we have extra keys available. During summer we usually have someone water each day especially as some plants are very young.

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About Sustainable Macleod

Sustainable Macleod aims to build a resilient local community, encouraging residents to shop locally, produce and share their own food, use environmentally-friendly transport and undertake other activities to promote sustainability.

New Years Eve 2017

Gathering at the Garden New Years Eve 2017/18

We participate in the local community area so there is always something happening, by following our Facebook page or email newsletter you can be kept up to date.

Below is an example of one of the council awards nights that a group of our members participated and even took out an award.

Banyule and Darebin Sustainability Awards 2016

Sustainable Macleod is thrilled that Robin Gale-Baker was named the Banyule Local Hero in the Banyule and Darebin Sustainability Awards, along with Greta Gillies of T3081.

Local Hero Awards

Costa, Robin, Greta and Mayor, Tom Melican

The Local Hero Award was in recognition of the huge amount of work Robin has undertaken in the Banyule community. Robin is co-founder of Sustainable Macleod and the Macleod Vegie Swap and has developed strong relationships with Macleod College, the Macleod Village Traders and other community groups supporting young people and people with disabilities. She has run dozens of workshops and talks for a range of groups in Banyule. Her grant-writing skills have been a huge success, notably in gaining resources for the Macleod Organic Community Garden. Robin is President of Sustainable Macleod and writes the monthly Newsletter.

In her acceptance speech, Robin praised the work of members of Sustainable Macleod and noted that nothing would be achieved without the generous way in which members contribute time, energy and resources.

Robin was declared Banyule winner jointly with Greta Gillies, a driving force behind T3081 and

Robin and Costa

Ever the networker, Robin lobbied Costa to visit the Macleod Organic Community Garden.

many other community initiatives, including Rough Trade.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Robin and Greta are planning to use their Local Hero designations to talk to a wide range of school and community groups on issues of sustainability.

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We are very grateful to Banyule City Council for funding and support for this project.

Wicking Bed Workshop