Garden Policy for MOCG

We have a Garden Policy for MOCG. You can read it here.

As a follow up to Olive workshop here are some helpful files Processing olives with water and Recipes for Table Olives.

Winter –  With our fruit trees now ready for their winter pruning we will organise a pruning workshop at the end of July.

We have also adopted the Fruit Tree Care Calendar for the Orchard based on the experts at  Werribee Park Heritage Orchard

Vegisafe Program

Macleod Organic Community Garden during setup sent soil samples to the Vegesafe program run out of Macquarie University. Vegesafe is a community oriented program which collects data nationwide about metal-contamination in soils – which are often used for urban vegetable gardens.

MOCG results showed all results within normal / safe limits – a great result for MOCG!  This data provided provided by Macquarie University is below and shows that the soil on the Macleod College site is within Australian standard safe limits for human contact.

If you are interested in free metal soil sampling for your property and contributing to the community science program, have a read of the Macquarie uni VegeSafe website

Thanks to Chris et al for organising the testing at MOCG!”

Spring 2016 – What a difference, new compost bins have been built, trees have been planted.
A great crop of garlic is on the way, produce is being picked and we are even collecting water
off our roof – so far 3000 Litres.

New seeds are sprouting in our temporary hot house but we have won a grant for a new Polly Tunnel so we will have more year round produce and shelted areas.

mocg-spring-1 mocg-spring-2 mocg-spring-3 mocg-spring-4

Winter 2016 – The ground is being prepared for an orchard of about 40 trees plus fruiting bushes, and our first in-ground veggie bed is already flourishing, with zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkins. Our fruit trees – including plum, cherry, apricot, quince, grapefruit, pomegranate, mandarin and lime – are currently being babysat until the soil (and the weather) is ready for planting in Autumn.

P1160655_sml P1160669_sml

A shelter has been erected which will provide roofing for water catchment, which will go into a bank of recycled crate tanks. It will also provide shelter for activities and workshops that will be run in the garden. In 2016 we will build a number of large wicking beds, which use 50% less water than regular in-ground vegetable beds. One of the aims of the garden is to be efficient and self-sufficient in water.

2015-12-06 2015-12-03

The garden is looked after by members of Sustainable Macleod (click here for membership information). Produce will be divided between members of the garden, Macleod College and local organisations that support disadvantaged people in our community.

Right next to the Garden is the Macleod College Meditation Garden, designed as a space for students to come and relax during their lunch break, and to use as an outdoor classroom. Their meditation labyrinth is in place, and the surrounding garden is under way in 2016.