Wood Fired Oven

Here is some information on how to use our wood fired oven and to make Pizza.

Lighting the fire, we have been doing it 4 hours before.

Making the Pizza Dough, we have been starting 9 hours before as 1 hour first rise and 8 hours the second rise, we make the equivalent of 2 batches in the Video but only 1/2 at a time as it fits our mixer with a dough hook better. So 4 half batches which gives us 24 Pizzas.

Making the Sauce, any time before you need it. We used just 1 can and had more than half left over or we use our own home made sauce from the community garden.

How to clean the oven before the first Pizza.

How to stretch the dough and make a basic Neapolitan Style Pizza

How to Bake a Pizza

For more on Pizza Making or Cooking Pizza we recommend these videos on Youtube.

vito iacopelli

or more on our oven construction or use we recommend the following Videos.

The Melbourne Fire Brick Company

Our Oven is the largest kit oven they supply which is the D130.

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